A client owns an electric bike (known as an e-bike) and the policy definition in the company’s homeowners policy form seems to take away all liability and property coverage due to the broad definition of “motorized land vehicle” in that policy.

Question:  Since a traditional homeowners policy defines a motor vehicle as being self-propelled, would an e-bike, which is propelled by the user and the rider’s power is “amplified” by the electric motor, find some coverage under the policy?

Answer:  The homeowners policy is not designed to cover “miscellaneous” vehicles and is written to exclude them, even if they were not invented or even available when the policy was written. Your agent needs to offer either a miscellaneous vehicle endorsement to your auto policy, assuming the company offers and accepts that, or insure it on a recreational vehicle policy.  Also, your agent should check your personal umbrella policy provisions, and if there is not an umbrella in place, it is a good time to explore getting one!

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