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Testimonials for Insurance Solutions by Laramie Investment Company

Miriam G.

"What I like about them the most is probably 'responsive'. If I ever have to leave a message, someone researches it and gets back to me with an answer. Even though they represent national companies, their service is always local, tailored to my needs. Their staff are all knowledgeable; any one of them can take care of me and figure out the answer to my question. I enjoy dealing with them."

Erin B.

"Laramie Investment Company makes insurance easy. Taylie works very hard to ensure great coverage at affordable rates. I could not believe the difference in premium rates when we switched to Laramie Investment Company. In addition to providing great coverage at affordable rates, the benefits of having a local business to provide immediate and consistent customer service are immeasurable!"

Duane T.

"This group gives you their best, they will come see you personally and when you call you talk to a live person. They get back to you very quick and take great care of our needs. Highly recommend and they have become great friends."

Terra O.

"Seriously the only place to go! They have been amazing through adding/removing cars, kids, accidents. You name it; they are always there to help, guide and comfort during any crisis. Brad and Taylie have both exceeded my expectations through the years. Everytime I call; they treat me like family :)"

Kathleen C.

"I would not recommend anyone else! Laramie Investment Company is truly the best. Please if you have some time, make an appointment to do an insurance check up or get a quote! It is worth it!"

Amy N.

"Laramie Investment Company has taken care of all of our insurance needs (house, vehicle, investment properties) for many years. Having a local agent that you can talk to in person for policies and claims makes such a big difference, and setting up an annual in-person review of our policies with quotes from multiple providers saves us money."