How to Winterize Your Car – Nationwide

Have you given your car the tender, loving care it needs to survive the ravages of winter? Following our checklist can help ensure it’s prepared to take on the cold. Here are the 11 parts of your car you should winterize to prepare yourself for the cold. 1. Check...

Vehicle theft prevention tips – Progressive

Professional thieves can steal any car, but make them work for yours. To prevent thefts, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recommends “Layered Protection.” The more layers of protection on your vehicle, the more difficult it is to steal. The number of layers...

Setting your home to vacation mode- Progressive

When you’re getting ready for vacation, it can be hard enough to remember how to prepare yourself for the trip, let alone your whole home. Dismiss some of that stress by hanging on to this home preparation checklist. From asking a neighbor to grab the mail to...

Preparing for Open Water Swimming- Nationwide

Ready to go for a dip? A child’s time in open water can be exciting, but it’s important to understand how to swim safely. Oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, and other open water settings all have unique hazards and safety tips that are different than pool safety. Know the...
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