Bid Bond

A Bid Bond serves as a security measure for contractors during the bidding process.

Contractors Bond

This bond assures a project owner that a contractor will perform the work and pay other specified parties.

Court Bond

Court bonds, also known as judicial bonds or court surety bonds, are often required in court proceedings to ensure protection from a possible loss.

Employee Dishonesty Bond

Employee dishonesty bonds protect your business from financial loss due to fraudulent activities of an employee.

Errors and Omissions Bond

Errors and Omissions Bonds help ensure that a job is completely on time and as assigned in a contract.

Fiduciary Bond

Fiduciary Bonds are required for individuals who manage the affairs/assets for another person.

Janitorial Services Bond

A Janitorial Service Bond helps protect the owner of the property that is being cleaned.

License & Permit Bond

License and Permits Bonds are required by  governments before they can grant a professional license in certain occupations or professions.

Notary Bond

Notary Bonds help protect clients from mistakes notaries may make while fulfilling their role.

Pension Trust (ERISA) Bond

 ERISA bonds protect participants and beneficiaries from the dishonest acts of a fiduciary who handles employee benefits.

Public Official Bond

These Bonds guarantee that public officials will handle public money correctly and  perform their duties faithfully and honestly.

Treasurer Bond

Treasurer Bonds help guarantee the public that the treasurer will honestly and faithfully perform their duties of their elected or appointed office.

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